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Zeppelin Design Labs Cortado MK III Contact Microphone

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Ventet inn 29/02/2024.
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Discover The Hidden Sounds In The Solid World Around You


Zeppelin Design Labs Cortado MK III Contact Microphone!

The Cortado MkIII is a rugged, versatile, easy-to-use contact mic that reveals the hidden sounds in the solid world around you. The mic is equally useful for sound design, music recording, and venue sound reinforcement. The sensor head attaches easily to most surfaces with clamp, tape or putty, and is tethered to the preamp chassis with a 6’ (2m) shielded cable. Hear it at cortadomic.com.

Sound Effects / Foley / Found Sound

Cortado MkIII reveals the silent sounds lurking inside solid objects. Use the provided putty or a spring clamp to stick it to anything and begin exploring.

Recording Studio

The Cortado MkIII can be used to mic any acoustic instrument: just stick one or two mics onto the soundboard. You can even mic electric instruments by sticking the Cortado onto the speaker cabinet, or directly onto the speaker magnet.

Venue Sound Reinforcement

Over 130 Cortado microphones were used under the NBA basketball courts in Orlando during the 2020 season. Cortado has been used on football goal posts, baseball foul poles, under tap dance floors and theater stages to capture effects free of contamination from ambient sound.


Specifications & Documents

  • Built-in preamp circuit capable of driving a balanced signal through hundreds of feet of cable.
  • Preamp circuit features hand-matched, high quality components for a low noise floor and tonal transparency.
  • Switchable “Bass Boost” feature enables bandwidth from 23Hz to 40kHz.
  • -10dB switchable pad for loud sound sources.
  • Sensor is encased in an extremely robust metal enclosure for near-indestructibility.
  • 6 foot (1.8m) high quality shielded cable from chassis to sensor.
  • Circuit is enclosed in 20 gauge steel chassis for electrical shielding and rugged durability.
  • Requires phantom power from a standard XLR mic cable.
  • Operating temperature -40oF – 175oF (-40oC – 80oC)