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Wes Audio ngTubeEQ

Wes Audio

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Next generation tube EQ with digital recall and automation


True ANALOG sound with extremely convenient control!

For decades, tube equalizers have been cherished for their rich, musical sound, shaping the sonic character of countless classic recordings. Our ngTubeEQ elevates this legacy, offering a refined, analog experience seamlessly integrated into the modern digital workflow. With its lush tonal quality and intuitive digital control, the ngTubeEQ is set to become an indispensable tool in studios worldwide, continuing our tradition of blending vintage charm with contemporary functionality. Experience the best of both worlds – the soul of vintage sound and the ease of digital technology with ngTubeEQ.


100% analog Tube Equalizer

  • ngTubeEQ is a 100% analog processing unit with 26dBu of headroom
  • Regardless of its full digital control, the analog signal path provides full amazing analog processing.

Heart of the unit = Passive section 

  • Fully passive EQ section we all love.
  • Based on custom inductors.

4 Passive bands

  • 12 frequency points per band.
  • Each band can be easily disabled.
  • Variable Q configuration.
  • Total frequency range from 22Hz to 28kHz.
  • Each band supports Bell or Shelf configuration.

LPF & HPF Active filters

  • Active circuit.
  • 12dB/Oct or 24dB/Oct slope.
  • Whole circuit is fully bypassable on analog level.
  • Variable control.

3 Modes of operation

  • DUAL

Carnhill transformers

Transformers in audio compressors aren’t just for electrical isolation – they can add a warm, sonic saturation we all love in our recordings. Carnhill transformers are part of the ngTubeEq adding all that vintage flavor!


Total recall and control plugin 

  • Unit implements full control and instant recall via DAW plug-in.
  • Support of all common plug-in formats and Digital Audio Workstations.
  • Completely new GUI engine and Intuitive UX design.
  • All parameters are accessible from the sweetspot.


Selectable output stage

  • GREEN – Electronically balanced for cleaner and punchy sound with less sonic imprint.
  • RED – Tube amplification stage, transformer balanced output stage with IRON PAD – this architecture allows to raise the output of the unit and hit the Tube Amplification stage and transformer section harder, while maintaining the same output signal through passive attenuation section.

Hardware A/B/C buttons to compare two independent settings

Even using ngTubeEQ as a pure analog signal processor you can easily switch between three parallel settings with the magic of a simple button.


THD – total harmonic distortion

  • Proprietary Harmonic distortion circuit.
  • Entirely bypassable through analog relay.
  • Variable control with 100 steps.
  • Integrated with internal gain structure to add inductor- based saturation.

Propotional and Constant Q

  • Proportional Q became part of many other EQ designs often described as being very musical – technically the more You boost the more narrow Q becomes.
  • Constant Q is on the other hand much more precise and very often desired by professional users to gain more control over the source material – this option doesn’t alter the Q of a particular band while gain is modified.

5dB/15dB Gain Mode

  • ngTubeEQ gains for each band can work either in 5dB or 15dB mode:
    • 5dB ~0.1dB step
    • 15dB ~ 0.25 dB step
  • Plugin Integrated metering

    Precise Plugin metering from 0dBu to 26dBu with clip detection.

    • Interactive LCD Display: Real-Time Parameter Editing
    • Integrated high precision metering

    Plug-in presets database

    • Plug-in of course features an unlimited number of presets.
    • Those presets can be categorized for user presets.
    • And we will also deliver units with some factory presets.


    Digital control features for fully analog units.

Main features summary:

  • 100% Analog Parametric Tube Equalizer: The ngTubeEQ offers pure analog processing with a substantial 26dBu headroom. 
  • Custom Passive Section: At its core, the ngTubeEQ features a passive section built around custom inductors for exceptional sound quality. 
  • Four Passive Bands with Extensive Range: Boasting 12 selectable frequency points per band, covering from 22Hz to 28kHz. 
  • Bypassable Passive Bands with Variable Q: Each band is independently bypassable and includes a fully variable Q for nuanced sound sculpting. 
  • Versatile Active Filters: Active LPF & HPF filters with 12/24 dB per octave slopes, variable controls, and analog bypass switch. 
  • Three Operational Modes: Offering dual, stereo, and mid-side operational modes for flexible sound staging. 
  • Comprehensive DAW Plugin Control: Full control and instant recall through an efficient GUI in all plugin formats, compatible with PC/MAC across all DAWs. 
  • Dual Output Options: GREEN for electronically balanced output, RED for a tube amplification stage with transformer output and IRON PAD. 
  • THD with Proprietary Circuitry: Features a unique harmonic distortion circuit, fully bypassable, that integrates with the gain structure for adjustable inductor-based saturation. 
  • Unique Q Settings: Proportional and Constant Q options, making it a rare EQ with both constant and variable Q implementations. 
  • Flexible Gain Modes: Two gain modes – 15dB (±15dB range, 0.25dB step) and 5dB (±5dB range, 0.1dB step). 
  • Integrated LCD Parameter Display: A compact LCD screen that visualizes metering and parameter changes upon knob interaction. 
  • Comprehensive Metering: Integrated LCD and plugin metering for detailed input and output monitoring. 
  • Hardware A/B/C Memory Settings: Easily switch between three analog preset settings using simple buttons, even when using the ngBusComp as a pure analog processor. 
  • USB and Ethernet Connectivity: Supports direct USB connection or network integration via Ethernet for versatile setup options. 
  • Analog Automation Capability: Draw automation lines in your DAW to control the analog device settings dynamically, with touch-sensitive encoders for recording automation back to your DAW.