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Wes Audio _Calypso-NG500/500 Series AD/DA Converter

Wes Audio

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_CALYPSO is an audio interface designed to work in 500 series enclosure. It features state of art 8 channels of AD/DA conversion and perfectly integrates with ng500 chassis _TITAN, through I.A.C. connector. Besides its very convenient integration with ng500 chassis, it still can be used in standard 500 series enclosure using two DB25 connectors.


Standard 500 chassis support!

_CALYPSO is designed to work with standard 500 series enclosures, in that case DB-25 connectors on the front panel can be used to route audio signal to and from chassis.

DB-25 connectors can be also used to route audio signal from and to outboard gear!

Convinient Plug-in for I.A.C. recall and more!

_CALYPSO as all ng500 units is integrated with VST2/VST3/AAX/AU plug-ins. While using with a _TITAN it allows to manage I.A.C. connector in other words it manages input source to each module to be either back XLR IN socket, or I.A.C. direct connection to _CALYPSO. This gives You totally recallable solution to route your signal differently based on DAW session. For more information please refer to examples section below! Plug-in supports:

  • Convinient metering,
  • Full unit control,
  • I.A.C. recall and management!
  • Sample rate selection based on DAW session
  • For more information please refer to manual!


LCD screen with metering!

Calypso LCD screen will allow You to see all configuration options and manage the unit.
1) Channel numbers
2) Metering _CALYPSO supports very fast and accurate PPM metering
3) Clip indicator.
4) Currently active Sample Rate.
5) Source of Sample Rate configuration
6) Clock Source
7) Clock sync status
8) H-LINK indication if DAW plug-in is connected to this particular hardware instance.


Features summary:

24bit conversion
Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz(SMUX), 96kHz(SMUX)
Ultra low jitter clock
Word clock IN/OUT
Full integration with _TITAN via IAC connector (Just ADAT cables are need to route all signal to and from chassis)
Two DB25 connectors allows integration with any 500 series chassis
Two converter reference levels +8dBu/-10dBV
LCD screen with channel metering


Power consumption: 150mA per rail
Dimensions : 76x133x158mm
Warranty: 2 years

Freq. response 20Hz-20kHzm +/- 0.1dB
THD+N (unweighted): -108dB (0.0004%)
Dynamic range (unweighted): 116dB
Gain Settings: +4 dBu / 10 dBV (selectable per input)
Maximum Input Level: (+4 dBu) +20 dBu
Input Impedance: 10K Ohms
Connector type: DB25/IAC

Freq. response 20Hz-20kHzm +/- 0.1dB
THD+N (unweighted): -105dB (0.0005%)
Dynamic range (unweighted): 115dB
Gain Settings: +4 dBu / 10 dBV (selectable per output)
Maximum Output level: (+4 dBu) +20dBu
Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
Connector type: DB25/IAC


_CALYPSO inside _TITAN allow us to switch between different setus using convinient I.A.C. recall thorugh DAW plugin. As this functionality can be explored and integrated in many ways, below examples may give You a good idea how to start!

1) Recording and HW insert mixing mode setup

This setup is perfect for any studio which values easy switching between sessions. For instance, recording session is ongoing, but only for a part of a day, ability to get back to work on different mixing projects without any setup changes (RECALL!), is really convenient! For more details please refer to below picture: