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SPL Marc One, Monitorkontroller7Lydkort/AD/DA

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The Monitor And Recording Controller

with innovative features and a 32-bit AD/DA converter. A monitor controller with which you can also record. And both in impressive sound quality.


Line Inputs & USB

Two analog stereo inputs and one digital USB input can be connected to the Marc One. The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is preferably connected via USB.

Other players like CD player, mixer, mic preamp, synthesizer or an analog tape machine / tape deck can be connected to the analog line inputs.

32-bit AD/DA Converter

The converter chipset is from AKM’s premium Velvet Sound® series. The AK5552 is used as the analog-to-digital converter and the AK4490 as the digital-to-analog converter.

Both the AD and DA converters offer 32-bit processing. The Velvet Sound® technology makes the finest details audible thanks to its low-distortion architecture.

Sampling frequencies up to 768 kHz PCM (16 times CD resolution) as well as the playback of DSD (via DoP – DSD over PCM) up to a resolution of DSD4 or DSD256 (11.2 MHz) are supported.

This qualifies the Marc One for the highest resolution audio recording and playback currently available.

The USB connection is Class Compliant. This means that all Mac computers and iOS devices like iPads and iPhones can use the full performance bandwidth of the AD/DA converter without driver installation. iOS devices need the Camera adapter.

For Windows, a driver is only needed if higher sample rates are desired. The driver is available for download at the bottom of this page.

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