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Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 w/16 channels of AD/DA +PTHDX + Dante

Prism Sound

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Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 med 16 Kanaler AD/DA + PTHDX Option card + DANTE Option Card!

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DREAM ADA-128 Converter Now Comes With Ginger Audio GroundControl Sphere Software
This powerful speaker management, routing and control room software is included as standard in Prism Sound’s versatile DREAM ADA-128 audio converter, for no extra charge!

Prism Sound Dream ADA-128


Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 with 16 channels of DA and 16 channels AD plus PTHDX & Dante digital host cards

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A new breed of audio converter has arrived: Prism Sound’s Dream ADA-128.

The Dream ADA-128 redefines flexibility, capacity, and performance standards in professional audio conversion.  In creating it, we ripped up the rule book and started again, using all our 30+ years of ADC and DAC development experience.  Building on the legacy of the Prism Sound Dream ADA-8XR, the resulting Dream ADA-128 architecture is so capable that it is set to meet the needs of the most demanding facilities for years to come.


The Dream ADA-128 is a 2U chassis that can accommodate up to 20 plug-in Modules.  These presently include eight-channel analogue input and output Modules and an eight-channel AES3 Module.  Four of the slots can accommodate a range of 64-channel Host Modules which include Pro Tools HDX and Dante Host Modules (and more to come).  As well as being able to route analogue and AES3 I/O to and from Host media, full routing flexibility allows analogue to/from AES3 routing without use of Host slots, and Host-to-Host bridging.

The Dream ADA-128 contains four independent clock generators, each of which can run at different sample rates and with different sync sources.  The ADA-128’s Host and I/O Modules can be dynamically assigned to these Clock Domains, allowing multiple workflows (such as separate project studios or ingest stations) to simultaneously share the resources of a single ADA-128’s resources.


Every I/O Module, as well as the unit’s built-in Routing Module, have dedicated DSP capability, which will allow a wide range of future functionality to be added by a simple software download.

The Dream ADA-128 incorporates Prism Sound’s unique Verifile technology, wherein every ADC in the system can add imperceptible metadata to its dither signal, allowing downstream processes to check that every sample in a stream is exactly as it left the ADC.  This reduces the need for expensive and unreliable listening tests of every minute of every digital recording or transmission.

These and many other unique capabilities make the Dream ADA-128 the only box you will ever need, no matter what your application.


Dream ADA-128 Qclocks


The four independently synchronized clock domains allow this revolutionary product to run at 4 different sample rates allowing a single unit to deliver independent configurations for up to four recording and playback systems.

Dream ADA-128 Modular Construction


The modular design meets the needs of the most demanding applications, as well as the needs of the growing studio. As your requirements grow the ADA-128 can grow with you.

Dream ADA-128 Advanced Digital Routing Architecture


"Advanced Digital Routing Architecture". The ADA-128 delivers flexible interconnectivity both internally and externally allowing point-to-point routing throughout its modular configuration.

Dream ADA-128 Dolby ATMOS


The ADA-128 is set to become the centrepiece for studios worldwide. The ADA-128 allows you to meet the full Dolby Atmos channel count of 128 channels in a single 2 unit making this the most compact yet powerful solution available.



The versatility of the Dream ADA-128 is only limited by your vision. Due to the flexibility and modularity of the unit your choices are unlimited with Analogue I/O, Pro-Tools, Dante and AES available from the outset. How do you want to use it?


The Line in card is an 8-channel analogue input expansion card for the Dream ADA-128

Key Features

  • 8 high-quality analog inputs with premium analogue circuitry
  • Ultra-low latency state-of-the-art analogue-to-digital conversion
  • Expand the analog inputs on the chassis or swap out cards for customised configurations

The Line out card is an 8-channel analogue output expansion card for the Dream ADA-128

Key Features

  • 8 high-quality analogue outputs with premium analogue circuitry
  • Ultra-low latency state-of-the-art digital-to-analogue conversion
  • Expand the analogue outputs on the chassis or swap out cards for customised configurations

The ability to support up to four digital host cards including Pro-Tools, DANTE, AES and many more in a modular form ensures the ADA-128 is a future-proof solution for all your requirements.


The ADA-128 Dante Card offers low latency, high channel count connectivity with 128 channels of bidirectional audio. The card allows high-channel digital splits between systems. A simple ethernet cable can easily connect an ADA-128 to your system, unleashing the power of audio over IP.


The modular architecture of the 16 I/O slots can also support 8 channels of AES per slot, allowing you even further flexibility to configure the ADA-128 to meet the needs of your system.




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