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Legendary Audio Gold Channel

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Gold Channel


Gold Channel

Gold Channel

You've seen the large format recording studio consoles in the multi-million dollar studios. They are commonly either the SSL or AMS/NEVE brand and cost as much as one million dollars. We at Legendary Audio have worked with Rupert Neve himself. We know how to design top-notch consoles. 

The all analog GOLD CHANNEL is equivalent to one channel of these top-tier consoles.


The portable console is built so the singer can have that "million dollar studio console sound" wherever they go-on stage, rehearsal, or during this time of home recording and streaming.

The Gold Channel "pedal board" is the singer's dream. It sits on the stage floor in front of the singer by the microphone stand. It features personalized tone settings and effect loops that are controlled with a dual footswitch. The singer or band member can control the effects on stage to make the sounds part of the show. 

The Gold Channel has unique proprietary analog circuitry that can enable a common stage mic to sound like an expensive sought-after tube microphone used by the biggest Stars in the music business. 

Watch this video with Billy Stuff to understand more about the incredible features of The Gold Channel. 


  • Hi Quality PRE AMP


  • Professional Grade 3 Band Sweepable Parametric Equalizer

  • I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Processor

  • 2 Effects Loop Circuits

  • Holy Grail Microphone Sound

  • Compressor

  • Headphones Output

  • Monitor Output