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Genelec 8351B SAM (White)

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The newly upgraded 8351B manages to improve on the exemplary performance of its iconic ‘A’ version predecessor by offering increased SPL, additional room compensation EQs, equalised delay and enhanced HF response. Offering the same extraordinary imaging and uncoloured precision of its smaller 8331 and 8341 siblings, the 8351B has the additional benefit of a higher maximum SPL for longer listening distances - plus even greater low frequency extension.

The Ones family of point source monitors promotes faster and more consistent decision making, but also allows you to work reliably on longer sessions - because unnatural imaging, a main contributor to listener fatigue, is minimised. Dispersion is controlled over an unusually wide frequency range thanks to the large integrated waveguide (DCW™) with dual hidden woofers; and orientation may be either horizontal or vertical. Their looks are striking too, whichever way you turn them.

As part of the Genelec smart active monitoring range, the 8351B can be configured, calibrated and controlled using our powerful GLM software, enabling it to adapt to your acoustic space and compensate for any detrimental room influences. So whether you are working in stereo, surround or immersive formats, you can be confident of producing mixes that will translate beautifully to other rooms and systems.  

Key Technologies


Smart Active Monitor (SAM™) Systems


Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC™) Driver Technology


Acoustically Concealed Woofers (ACW™) Technology


Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) Technology


Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) Technology


Reflex Port Design


Protection Circuitry


Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) Technology


Optimized Amplifiers


Active Crossovers

Iso-Pod™ Stand 


Versatile Mountings 


Room Response Compensation

Technical specifications


113 dB


32 Hz – 43 kHz (-6dB)


± 1.5 dB (38 Hz - 20 kHz) 


2x Oval Woofers 8 5/8 x 4 inch + Coaxial Midrange/Tweeter MDC™ 5 / 1 in + DCW™


Woofer 250 W + Midrange 150 W + Tweeter 150 W


H 452 x W 287 x D 278 mm, H 17 3/4 x W 11 1/3 x D 11 in


14,3 kg / 31 lb


1 x XLR analog input, 1 x input / 1 x output XLR digital AES/EBU, 2 x RJ45 control network