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Gainlab Audio Bishop-All Tube Channelstrip

Gainlab Audio

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We are proud to announce that the new family member of Gainlab Audio products has arrived! Our own designed BISHOP all tube channel unit brings much more than you expect from a regular high quality channel strip. The heart of the unit based on the mic preamp which consist three vacuum tubes constructed in all tube design. There are inputs for the mic and instrument on the front while mic and line also selectable on back panel. Over the regular switches of phase, polarity and phantom power we found a special drive pot which is available for colouring the instrument input through a discrete solution. The big enlighted eye catching ring for stepped gain selector is separated in two selectable scales which gives ultimate capabilities to make gain even until +60dB. 


The VU meter in the middle of the unit is responsible for representing the output level while right next to it we can find the two GR meters of the double slope optical compressor. This exclusive design of Gainlab Audio gives very unique possibilities to the hand of recording engineer by applying a second slope to the loved working method of LA-2A solution. This extension in functionality is well controllable with character, timing and threshold options. Right above the output attenuator we can find the HPF with two options. At the final end of the front panel there is a secret weapon called Dynamic Air Band with two selectable options. This function can work as a regularly known and loved Air Band while using with a compressor turned on it reacts to the actual compression level and gives the unique character of high frequency components to the recorded sound.

The unit is build with the same rugged material selection which is known from Gainlab Audio products. The engraved front panel and the high quality inside components stands together to bring long lasting value to the customer’s audio production.


Main Properties

  • All tube preamp section

  • Full balanced signal path

  • Dual Slope Optical Compressor

  • Mic, Instrument and Line input

  • HPF at 120Hz, 80Hz

  • 48V phantom power

  • Phase switch – Pad switch

  • Instrument drive

  • Dual ring steped gain selector

  • Low gain mode +40dB

  • High gain mode +60dB

  • Output VU meter

  • Character selector

  • Timeing selector

  • Threshold control

  • Dynamic Air band

  • 2nd slope control

  • Dual GR LED bar

INPUT: Combo Balanced XLR/Jack, Rear Panel XLR
OUTPUT: Balanced XLR

Input Options: Microphone, Instrument, Line
input impedance: >10Kohm

Frequency response: 20Hz-20Khz +/- 1dB

Size: 483x280x89
Weight: 5.2 Kg

Mains: 230V AC (EU), 110V AC (US)

High Gain: +60 dB
Low Gain: +40 dB

THD+N (0dBu): <0.3%