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nvelope Mastering Edition


nvelope Mastering Edition is a powerful audio processor capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by providing control over its attack and sustain characteristics. This is extremely useful for reshaping all sorts of individual tones, and is a wonderful tool in any mixing situation as well. Big drums? You name it!

Especially when it comes to percussive material, the nvelope Mastering Edition can be used for single tracks or the master bus with great benefit. You can form a signal and enhance its cut in the mix without deforming it too much as you would by using excessive EQ and compression.



Every single of its many aspects – sound, features, circuitry, components, design, materials, manufacturing – has been thought over and over until there was just nothing left to improve. Basically, every single part of  our fine products is custom, and most of these are made according to our own designs and specs.

Only the best components the market has to offer are good enough for the nvelope, and it shows. Each of our product is manually built to order and tested by ourselves, here at our headquarters in Germany.

Our product benefits sum up in an audio quality that is beyond all doubt. Even when extreme settings are used, the sound always stays clean and powerful.

The nvelope Mastering Edition provide stepped controller and precise control range of +/-5dB.


19” x 1,75“ x 8,4“ (W x H x D)
482,6 mm x 44,45 mm x 214 mm (W x H x D)

3,9 lbs
1,76 kg