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Cranborne Audio N8

Cranborne Audio

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C.A.S.T. distribution HUB via Cat 5


N8 är en avancerad ljuddistributions-hub som använder Cranborne Audios C.A.S.T. system som skickar 4-kanaler ljud via Cat 5e, Cat 6 eller Cat 7, up till 100m.

Ställ in N8 i ditt kontrollrum och patcha direkt till i/o på ditt ljudkort. N8 konverterar sedan signalen från ljudkortet till 4 diskreta C.A.S.T. utgångar som kan distribueras till C.A.S.T. breakoutboxar som N22 och N22H i din studio eller på scenen.

C.A.S.T. Distribution Hub

N8 is an advanced audio distribution hub that uses Cranborne Audio’s C.A.S.T. system to transform network cable (Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7) into 4-channel analogue snakes and breakout boxes that can be routed around the studio or stage.


Set N8 in your control room and patch directly to the IO of your audio interface via DB25. N8 then converts analogue IO from the audio interface into 4 discrete C.A.S.T. connections that can be distributed to C.A.S.T. breakout boxes such as N22 and N22H in your studio or on the stage.

In a real-world example, a vocal booth created with XLRs, would require 2 XLR cables for microphones, 2 more XLR cables for a stereo monitor mix for the singer, and a headphone amp with power. And after that, unless you're handy with a soldering iron, you'll be left with trailing XLRs and no discrete box to patch to.


N8 and C.A.S.T. replaces all of that complexity with one networking cable and neat, compact breakout boxes over distances up to 100m (330ft).


Featuring Input and Output connectors on DB25, N8 converts 8 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs to Cranborne Audio’s proprietary C.A.S.T. system.

With 4 dedicated C.A.S.T. ports, N8 allows up to 4 Cranborne Audio breakout boxes to be connected at once for 16 channels of audio routing with any audio interface, mixer, or audio installation.

Audio Over Cat 5 Made Easy


A single Cat 5 cable using C.A.S.T. can replace 4 XLR cables - providing better cable management, consistent sound quality, and easier deployment during mobile recording.


Using N8 and C.A.S.T., you can use standard network cables to distribute IO, headphone amps. mic preamps, and more around your studio with plug-and-play simplicity.


Key Features

- C.A.S.T. Distribution Hub and Audio Over Cat 5 System

- Completely passive operation

- Fully-balanced, high-quality audio paths

- 8 Inputs and 8 outputs over DB25 (Tascam wiring) (sold separately)

- C.A.S.T. IN A, B, C, and D ports on RH45 with 2 dedicated Input and output paths each

- Compatible with any shielded Cat 5e/Cat 6/Cat 7 cable with distances up to 100m/330ft

- Improved crosstalk performance with high-performance Cat 6 and Cat 7 (recommended)

- Ruggedised metal enclosure

- Compatible with all Cranborne Audio C.A.S.T.-enabled devices including N22, N22H, Camden EC1, and Camden EC2

- Fully-support of 48v phantom power

- Rack-mountable with optional Half Rack Kit (OBDRK001)