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API 2500 Stereo Compressor

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The API 2500 is a versatile stereo bus compressor that allows adjustment of sonic qualities that can alter the punch and tone of the stereo mix. The 19" rack mountable unit features ATI's patented "thrust" circuit for a chest-hitting, punchy bottom end. With its dual channel design, the API 2500 is set up for stereo compression, but can also be used as two separate units via a single compression setting. The 2500 boasts a range of parameters that make it incredibly musical. 
API pushes the envelope of flexibility further with selectable "old" or "new" compression. The old style uses the feedback type of compression found in the API 525, 1176 and Fairchild. The new style uses a feed forward type, similar to other popular compressors. 
The output stage features API's auto-makeup gain button, permitting the user to vary the threshold or ratio while automatically maintaining a constant output level. Fidelity is ensured with an all-discrete, fully balanced design, and two front panel VU meters show input, output, and gain reduction levels. 
   * Uses API 2520 Op-Amp
   * Classic Console Circuit
   * Four XLR Mic Inputs
   * Four 1/4" Un-Balanced Inputs
   * Front Panel Polarity Switch
   * Front Panel 20 dB PadSwitch
   * Front Panel Mic/Line Switch
   * Front Panel 48V Power Switch
   * Output Clips at +30 dBm 

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