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Produkter fra PMC Speakers

Our products are also found at all levels of the professional music recording, audio post-production and broadcast industries. From the bedroom studios of the 'next big things' to the acoustically treated hush of the world's finest outside broadcast vehicles, movie soundstages, recording and mastering studios, and from the project studios of big-name stars and their producers and engineers to the boardrooms and listening stations at major record companies, our products are woven into the fabric of the audio business.

PMC's loudspeakers are a full-range proposition, in every sense of the word. Our products for music and audio professionals extend from compact passive monitors at one end of the spectrum to multi-driver active speakers at the other, and cover all points in between, including cutting-edge analogue and digitally amplified models with DSP.

Bilde av PMC Digital Monitor

Ta kontakt for tilbud! PMC’s DMC is a sonically transparent hardware digital …

Bilde av PMC IB2S-A Active Mid Field

NB:Pris pr par!  Ta kontakt for tilbud! The stand-alone IB2S-A offers discerning users …

Bilde av PMC IB2S-XBD-A Active Main

 Ta kontakt for tilbud! The IB2S XBD-A, offer discerning users the attributes of …

Bilde av PMC IBS-AIII Active  Mid

NB:Pris pr.par! Ta kontakt for tilbud!  The IB1S-AIII offers reference level …

Bilde av PMC MB3 XPD-A Active Main

  Ta kontakt for tilbud!   Featuring a second cabinet devoted …

Bilde av PMC QB1 XBD-A Active Main

Ta kontakt for tilbud!   The QB1-XBD-A is a statement monitor that has no …

Bilde av PMC QB1-A Active Main 3-Way

Ta kontakt for tilbud!   Introducing the QB1-A,: PMC’s newest …

Bilde av PMC RC 1 Remote Control

  Designed for use with the twotwo range, the rc1 wired remote features all the …

Bilde av PMC result6 Active Near FIeld

NB:Pris pr par! Kampanjepris frem til 31 Juli 2019!   PMC …

Bilde av PMC twotwo.5 Active Near

NB:Pris er pr.par! Ta kontakt for tilbud! Egen fraktpris må avtales på …

Bilde av PMC twotwo.6 Active Near

NB:Pris er pr.par! Ta kontakt for tilbud! Egen fraktpris må avtales på …

Bilde av PMC twotwo.8 Active Near

  NB:Pris er pr.par!  Ta kontakt for tilbud! Egen fraktpris må avtales …

Bilde av PMC-MB3-A Active  Main 3-Way

NB:Pris er pr .par! Ta kontakt for tilbud!    Whether mounted in …