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Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic

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Super lightweight, parabolic mic can use almost any microphone. Fantastic for on camera use!


The available Pro Mini Stereo Kit includes 2 Pro Minis with a FREE Mini Stereo Bar, starting at $358. 

The Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic is a great way to quickly boost the range of microphones to capture more distant subjects. The Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic is the lightest, smallest, lowest cost parabolic kit we offer. The small size, light weight, and wider polar angle make it perfect for many field recording applications, such as interviews, news gathering, nature recording, and more. It is so light that you can even mount it directly on a camera hotshoe. This 11.5 inch parabolic kit will roughly increase the range of your standard microphone by 5 times. Just add your own microphone or one of our Micro Mic Series microphones for a complete mini parabolic microphone. Check our line of accessories available for the Pro Mini Parabolic, such as: adapters, bars, swivels, cables, and more.

  • Boost your microphone for dramatically improved range and isolation. Parabolic reflectors provide gain, so you can reach subjects that are outside the range of other microphones, including shotgun microphones. 
  • Fits most omnidirectional microphones less than 26mm in diameter. We recommend using omnidirectional microphones for best results. You can use cardioid microphones, if you use the included seal to cover the vents on the side of the microphone. The kit comes with adapters for 19-26mm microphones and most lavalier microphones.
  • Critically optimized small parabolic reflector specifically designed for great sound. Normally, small parabolic systems have very poor low frequency response and an overly peaked high frequency response, causing poor performance with human voice. Wildtronics designed the curvature, size, and focal point of the parabola, plus pointed the microphone outward to minimize low frequency loss, resulting in great sound. This means that even your voice recordings will sound surprisingly well. 
  • Your choice of two, 11.5-inch, truly parabolic reflectors. Choose between the very flexible, 0.030-inch thick, durable, clear 100% polycarbonate reflector, or the lower cost, black ABS, paintable, Mini Black Ops reflector. 
  • Ultra lightweight. Total weight, without microphone, is just under 7 ounces. Perfect for effortless hand held use or mounting on a camera hot-shoe, with an available adapter.
  • Ideal for use as a stereo pair parabolic microphone. Due to the small size, light weight, and wider polar angle, it is now practical to make true parabolic stereo recordings. You can point the two parabolic reflectors independently or maintain a fixed angle. Our Mini Stereo Bar is specifically designed to hold two Pro Minis in a superbly balanced combination with a total weight of just over a pound.
  • Handle and hub are machined from high strength, industrial nylon for lifetime durability. 
  • Handle base has metal 1/4-20 threads for easy tripod/hotshoe mounting. 
  • Accessory bar mount provision. The accessory mount will allow you to mount our Mini-Accessory Bar directly to the handle. The Mini-Accessory Bar can hold a small, hand-held recorder for quick easy use with just one short cable to your microphone.
  • Wildtronics Micro Mic series microphones fit perfectly. The Micro Mic series are small, high performance microphones with reasonable prices.
  • Low cost alternative to full sized parabolic reflectors. The Pro Mini is great for less demanding applications where light weight, size, and cost are more important.

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