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Slate Digital VMS ML1 Vintage Edition Large Diaphragm Modeling M

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Introducing the Slate VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition



The ML-1 Vintage Edition takes our
ultra linear microphone circuit from our VMS ML-1 Modeling  microphone and places it into a vintage 47 style body for the ultimate pairing of classic looks and modern technology.  

Features include a steel frame and polished brass ring, a
German inspired cage style shockmount, and also includes a wooden jewel box.

The ML-1 Vintage comes with the Classic Tubes module that
recreates the sound of over $100,000 worth of famous tube microphones and preamps.

You can use the ML-1 Vintage with any clean and linear preamp to take advantage of the microphone and preamp modeling.



Whats the difference conpared to the ML-1?  Don’t think of the ML-1V as being different just on the aesthetic side. Aesthetics usually just refer to the look. The look is definitely different, but it is more than that. 
The brass makes it higher quality, and the size and weight is more. 
The shock mount is much stronger as well, and of course the velvet-lined box it comes in is also a nice addition to the experience of owning this new modeling microphone. 
So, NOT just aesthetics.




The only thing that is the same is the performance; the software emulations.







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