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Telinga Stereo Mikrofon MK2

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Weight (microphone only): 0.18 kg / 0.39 lbs - with mounting kit attached: 0.26 kg / 0.59 lbs - complete with handle, cable and foldable V2 dish: aprx 1.0 (!) Kg / 2.20 lbs only. Frequency response aprx. 60-20.000 Hz Equivalent noise level connected to PRO-8 MK2 or PRO-X handle aprx. 12 dB(A).

Stereo MK2

The Stereo MK2 microphone for all Telinga PRO handles and dish models.

telinga-pro-x-1.pngTelinga PRO-8 MK2 System_Copy.jpgtelinga dish folded.jpgTelinga Soft Case.jpg

Photo 1. Telinga Stereo MK2 microphone - easily distinguished from the earlier versions of the famous TelingaStereo DAT microphone, with it´s new 2 mm (0.08") thick plate. The large black microphone windshield has been upgraded to a higher quality longer lasting 45 PPF Cell Foam material & the microphone capsules further matched for improved balance between L&R channels. The Stereo MK2 microphone still offers the same beloved sound qualities, low noise and concept that made our Stereo DAT mic the industry standard parabolic micropone for field recording. 

In Action Feature (SFX) from Skywalker Sound here

In Action Feature Yosemite National Park here

Photo 2. With the Telinga PRO-8 MK2 handle or the Telinga PRO-X handle + your choice of dish (pictured is the22" model) this unique microphone design lets you record a mono signal of the sound in focus of the dish, while presenting a stereo picture of the surroundings/ambience. The overall sound characteristics of the Telinga Stereo MK2 microphone is a "soft" high and a "big" and amazingly transparent mid and low.

Photo 3&4. You may easily fold the Telinga V2 Dish and pack your complete Telinga system (handle, microphone, and dish) in the Telinga Soft Case with some padding in between. The complete assembly of a Telinga system is done in aprx. a minute without the need of any tools.

You can also use the Stereo MK2 microphone without any dish attached!

STEREO IN PARABOLAS as PDF. Also presented in a more comprehensive article in the the Journal of Audio Engineering Society (Vol.33 No.6) by Sten Wahlström here

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